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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Our staff picked some of the most asked questions about MUSICSPUSH panels and replied to them.

MusicsPush panels are online stores that offer a huge selection of different services. Customers use our panel because we offer high-quality services at great prices.

Our panel offers different types of services: followers, likes, views , Streams and many more.

It's absolutely safe, which is why you shouldn't worry, your accounts won't be suspended.

This feature exists to help our customers save time, it allows to place several orders with different links at once.

Grow your accounts as fast as you want with the help of Drip-feed. How it works: let's say you want 2000 likes on your post. Instead of getting all 2000 at once, you can get 200 each day for 10 days.

Distribution of Listeners, Followers, and Saves

1. **Unique Listeners:**

- A realistic ratio of streams per unique listener generally falls between 1.5 and 3 streams per listener.

- **Estimate:** 1,000,000 streams / 2 streams per listener = approximately 500,000 unique listeners.

2. **Followers:**

- Follower growth should be gradual and realistic. A realistic ratio of followers to streams could be between 1 to 5%, depending on listener loyalty and engagement.

- **Estimate:** With 1,000,000 streams, a 3% ratio would be realistic: 1,000,000 * 0.03 = 30,000 followers.

3. **Saves:**

- Saves (users adding your music to their libraries) are a good indicator of engagement. A realistic ratio could be between 10 and 20%.

- **Estimate:** With 1,000,000 streams, a 15% ratio would be realistic: 1,000,000 * 0.15 = 150,000 saves.

Example of Monthly Distribution

To simulate a gradual and natural growth over a month, you could distribute these figures as follows:

Week 1:

- **Streams:** 100,000

- **Listeners:** 50,000

- **Followers:** 3,000

- **Saves:** 15,000

Week 2:

- **Streams:** 200,000 (cumulative 300,000)

- **Listeners:** 100,000 (cumulative 150,000)

- **Followers:** 6,000 (cumulative 9,000)

- **Saves:** 30,000 (cumulative 45,000)

Week 3:

- **Streams:** 300,000 (cumulative 600,000)

- **Listeners:** 150,000 (cumulative 300,000)

- **Followers:** 9,000 (cumulative 18,000)

- **Saves:** 45,000 (cumulative 90,000)

Week 4:

- **Streams:** 400,000 (cumulative 1,000,000)

- **Listeners:** 200,000 (cumulative 500,000)

- **Followers:** 12,000 (cumulative 30,000)

- **Saves:** 60,000 (cumulative 150,000)

1. **Geographical Diversity:** Ensure that streams and other metrics come from different geographical regions. Use targeted advertising campaigns in various countries.

2. **Social Media Engagement:** Encourage natural interactions on your social media to attract an authentic audience.

3. **Collaborations:** Collaborate with other artists to reach new audiences and naturally increase your followers and listeners.

4. **Playlists:** Aim to get placed in popular playlists, which can naturally boost your streams and other metrics.

By following these steps, you can distribute your streams, listeners, followers, and saves in a way that appears natural and avoids suspicion from Spotify.